Children in WCA white polo uniforms

We believe that a well-defined dress code fosters a positive learning environment and prepares our students for future success. Our uniform policy reflects our commitment to academic excellence, personal development, and a sense of unity within our school community. Our uniforms create an environment where academic excellence, personal growth, and a strong sense of community thrive.

Exciting News!

At Wellington Collegiate Academy, we're thrilled to announce the availability of our brand new uniform logo through Lands' End. In addition to our classic colors, we now offer stylish Burgundy to enhance your wardrobe options. And while the new shield logo is not mandatory, it will gradually replace our beloved old tree logo, reflecting our commitment to evolving traditions while maintaining the essence of excellence that defines our institution. Embrace the future of Wellington Collegiate Academy with our fresh uniform options!

Uniform Provider

We have partnered with Lands' End to provide easy access to high-quality uniform items that meet our specifications. By purchasing your attire from Lands' End using the link provided, you can be assured of obtaining garments that adhere to our guidelines. Visit Lands' End to view photos and place orders. Socks, leggings, and belts may be purchased from alternative sources.

Spirit Wear

Get ready to make every Friday a 'Spirit Day' by wearing our spirit t-shirts! Show off your enthusiasm and join your classmates in creating a vibrant atmosphere buzzing with school pride. Plus, these t-shirts are also the ideal choice for field trips, ensuring that you're easily recognizable and part of the fun. Spirit Tees can be purchased from our front office for $10. Contact us for purchase details.

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Please review our Uniform Policy below prior to purchasing attire.

Colors and Styles

Three children modeling WCA colored polos.

We utilize a selection of classic and versatile colors, including white, navy, burgundy, and khaki, ensuring both timeless elegance and practicality. White is a symbol of purity and simplicity, and it exudes a sense of cleanliness and freshness. Our white uniform pieces provide a crisp and polished look, allowing students to present themselves with confidence and professionalism. Navy represents stability, authority, and a sense of tradition. Burgundy symbolizes abundance, opulence, and a certain depth of character. Khaki is a versatile and neutral color that complements various skin tones and goes well with different styles.



Spirit Wear

Children modeling the WCA spirit tees.

Dress Code

At WCA we embrace a comfortable school uniform that gives us a feeling of unity and supports our daily outdoor breaks, creative art classes and field trips. We encourage all students to arrive in the morning well-groomed and ready to forget themselves and go to work!

Semi-Formal Uniform: Monday

  • Dress Shirt: White short sleeve.
  • Pants: Khaki or Navy Blue.
  • Skirts (for girls): Classic Navy Blue or Burgundy/Gray Plaid. Must be at least top of knee length.
  • Tie (for boys): Classic Navy Blue or Burgundy/Gray plaid.
  • Cross Tie (for girls): Classic Navy Blue.
  • Sweater: Classic Navy Blue or Burgundy, short or long sleeved.

Daily Uniform: Tuesday - Friday

  • Polo Shirt: Navy Blue, Burgundy, or White with school logo.
  • Pants: Khaki or Navy Blue.
  • Shorts: Khaki or Navy Blue. Must be at least top of knee length.
  • Skirts (for girls): Classic Navy Blue Plaid or Burgundy/Gray Plaid. Must be at least top of knee length.

Spirit Day Uniform: Friday (optional)

  • WCA spirit tee shirt: Navy Blue, Red, Green, White, Pink, or Black. Worn with daily uniform bottoms.
  • Available for purchase in the school front office.

Field Trip Uniform

  • WCA spirit tee shirts may be worn on field trip days.
  • Pants or shorts of the student’s choosing. Shorts must be fingertip length.

Sweaters, Hoodies and Jackets

  • WCA Semi-Formal sweaters and WCA hoodies are allowed over uniforms.
  • No brand logos or pattern designs, only school logos.
  • Hoods, jackets, and raincoats are to be worn outdoors only.


  • Shoes must be white, black, brown, navy, or gray with no open toes.
  • They should be suitable for outdoor PE and recess activities.
  • Shoes must be kept on at all times during school hours.
  • Flip-flops, sandals, wheeled shoes, and high-heels are not allowed.


  • Students' hair should be neatly combed or brushed, trimmed, and presented in an attractive manner.
  • For boys, hair should be trimmed above the collar. Ponytails and facial hair are not acceptable.
  • Shaved heads are not acceptable except for medical reasons.
  • Extreme or unnatural hairstyles or coloring are not allowed, and neither are styles or lengths that obstruct the eyes.


  • Girls are allowed to wear jewelry in conservative quantities. Earrings should be small and secure, and only one pair is permitted.
  • Boys are not allowed to wear earrings, and any neck jewelry must be worn underneath clothing.
  • Facial or tongue jewelry of any kind is not allowed.

Disallowed Items

  • Tight-fitting skinny pants, patterned pants, blue jeans, cargo pants or shorts, ripped clothing or athletic wear are not allowed.
  • No hats or headgear of any kind are allowed during school hours.

How to Order

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To order by phone

Call 1-800-469-2222 and reference your student’s Preferred School Number 900188079

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