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At Wellington Collegiate Academy we believe that within each child lies a unique constellation of gifts, graciously bestowed upon them by God. Our mission is to foster an environment where these gifts are discovered, are nurtured, and are celebrated as they shine brightly. Through loving guidance and support, we ignite the spark of self-discovery, encouraging students to reach for the stars, persevering through adversity and transforming their God-given potential into individual reality.

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Why Choose WCA?

Wellington Collegiate Academy is a kindergarten through eighth-grade academy located in Wellington, Florida. We are grounded in the Judeo-Christian tradition, but are not tied to any specific denomination or political group. We warmly welcome students and parents who desire a secure, compassionate, and structured learning environment, irrespective of their religious or political viewpoint.

As we nurture our students with the understanding that we are all children of God, we also embrace those who hold differing convictions. We gladly accept those who are open to having their child educated in an environment characterized by mutual respect and virtue.

Our Four Virtues

Central to our educational philosophy and embedded in our crest are the Four Cardinal Virtues, which we hold as our core values and instill in our young learners from their very first day. These virtues — Justice, Wisdom, Temperance, and Courage — serve as the moral compass guiding our students on their journey towards becoming responsible, principled, and resilient individuals. By embracing and embodying these virtues, our students not only excel academically but also develop into compassionate and morally grounded individuals prepared to navigate life's complexities with integrity and resilience.


The notion of treating individuals and groups with fairness and equity, ensuring that their rights and property are respected and protected. The concept of justice aims to uphold moral principles, promote social order, and maintain harmony within society.


The practical understanding or practical intelligence required to make sound judgments and decisions in particular situations, as well as a broad understanding of the nature of reality, the universe, and the fundamental truths that govern existence.


The virtue of moderation, self-restraint, and balance in thoughts, desires, and actions. The moderation of passions, the avoidance of extremes, and the pursuit of a harmonious equilibrium in one's thoughts, behaviors, and lifestyle.


The capacity to overcome fear, face obstacles, and exhibit mental and emotional strength in the face of challenges, adversity, or danger. The ability to persevere, withstand hardships, and act boldly when confronted with difficult situations.
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